Sardonika – NRA: Arm Our Kids



WASHINGTON, D.C. (SPINews) — As SPINews predicted, in a press conference tomorrow, the NRA will vow to arm all teachers, principals, school librarians, school-bus drivers and janitors.

The big-dog gun lobby will also arm students between first grade and grad school, starting with .22 pistols and ending with machine guns.

NRA Commandant Wayne "The Pit Bull" LaPierre tells SPINews, “This will bring American education in line with laws legalizing carrying concealed weapons and shoot-if-you-get-pissed.”

LaPierre will pay for any student wishing to carry grenades.

Adds an NRA soldier, “You think ‘Animal House’ was wild? Wait’ll some poor freshman throws up on a frat’s VP For Hazing.”



Sardonika Policy Institute


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