New Movie Helps Define What Motivates the Religious Right



Wed Jan 09, 2013

New Movie Helps Define What Motivates the Religious Right

The New Movie, named The Last Ounce of Courage, tells the story about a patriot who once risked his life for his nation, and now is seeking to stand again to fight.

The movie, named The Last Ounce of Courage, tells the sad story of an American hero. It is about a motor cycle driving veteran who drives a Harley. This veteran has a huge American Flag waving behind his chopper and is the center of the plot. He was in Viet Nam and won medals rescuing prisoners from prisoner of war camps in Nam. His son grows up, gets married and signs up to go overseas to fight a Gulf War. He leaves behind a new and pregnant wife. He is killed in battle and this death stuns the family.
Father and daughter -in -law grow apart. Fast forward 13 years. Our hero seeks to contact the family his son left behind. He gives prize possessions to his grandson. He hands over war medals and the Bible that the lad’s father carried with him into battle. The boy takes these items to school. A principle throws a hissy-fit that this dangerous item, a Bible, was brought into his school. He warns he could suspend the new student but goes easy on him telling him to not violate this law banning Bibles again. It gets worse.
Grandfather, who is the town mayor, learns about this story. He begins to put two and two together. He is reminded he and the city cannot celebrate Christmas now with public displays of the nativity and crosses like they used to. He notes that a small minority of fanatics stopped the %85 of true American citizens from observing Christmas. He fought a war for this right and now it is being taken away from him. He finds a foe to this efforts to set up Christmas ornaments in town. His foe is named Fred Hammersmith. The actor is actually Fred the hammer, the black defensive back from Super Bowl 1 who turned actor. Fred seeks to keep the town from celebrating Christmas with displays. Our hero, and mayor, had in place a government grant to build a home for disabled veterans in town. Fred and his liberal crowd are now stopping this aid from the government because of the hero’s actions. The war hero now has enough. With the help of his grandson he takes a cross that says "Jesus Saves" and places it on the highest place on a building. The mayor is handcuffed, arrested and taken to jail.
An angel helps the mayor escape from jail. While in jail the local school where the grandson was harassed is to stage a holiday play. It is a pagan story that is to be the subject of the drama. These students rebel and under their costumes they have nativity costumes and instead present the true story of Christmas. The wishy-washy principle storms onto the stage and starts to scold the students but notes the crowd has been moved by this story. He then applauds the play. The crowd stands and an American flag is brought out. Veterans are in the crowd and all stand to salute the flag.
The hero says he will become a "freedom fighter" to fight the enemies who seek to harm the country he fought for. America has been saved for a moment. But other brave heroes must stand up to fight those wicked forces that would take away the freedoms fought for with the shed blood of the warriors who serve America.
I found this drama aptly represents the fears that motivate this crowd.



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