Album & MP3: Ultimate Collection by Toni Childs; spits out lyrics on up-tempo tunes like rounds blasting from an AK-47


This collection features not only her compositions (the ferocious "Don’t Walk Away," the heady "I Just Want Affection," and the Janis Ian-ish "I Met a Man"), but a couple she didn’t scribe, such as Jimmy Cliff’s "Many Rivers to Cross."


1. Don't Walk Away
2. Walk And Talk Like Angels
3. Stop Your Fussin'
4. Zimbabwae
5. Let The Rain Come Down
6. Many Rivers To Cross
7. I've Got To Go Now
8. House Of Hope
9. I Want To Walk With You
10. The Dead Are Dancing
11. I Just Want Affection
12. I Met A Man
13. The Woman's Boat
14. Lay Down Your Pain
15. Where's The Ocean 
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