The latest from NASA’s Earth Observatory (05 March 2013)


The latest from NASA‘s Earth Observatory (05 March 2013)

Tournament: Earth 2013 – voting begins!

Voting is now open for Tournament: Earth 2013! Which of the 32 images are your favorites? The first round of voting will remain open until 4pm ET this Friday (March 8).


New Features:

* In a Warming World, the Storms May Be Fewer But Stronger
Extreme storms such as Hurricane Sandy, Snowmageddon, and the tornadoes of 2011 have prompted questions about whether climate change is affecting the intensity of weather. Satellites, statistics, and scientific models are teaching us a lot about what we know and don’t know about severe storms.


Latest Images:

* A Quiet Interlude in Solar Max

* Flooding along the De Grey River

* Piccaninny Impact Structure, Western Australia

* New ISS Eyes See Rio San Pablo

* Yarlung Tsangpo: The Everest of Rivers

* Antarctic Ice North of the Weddell Sea

* Sharp Line in the Clouds

* Swirling Sediment Reveals Erosive Power of New England Storm

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