The latest from NASA’s Earth Observatory (12 March 2013)


The latest from NASA‘s Earth Observatory (12 March 2013)

Tournament: Earth 2013 — Round 2!

Voting is now open for the second round of Tournament: Earth. Only 16 images remain: how did you do in the first round? A few top seeds did not make it through and the most votes went to a mid- and low-seed. What does that mean? It means anything goes. The gloves are off. Vote now! Voting for the second round will close at 4pm ET on Friday, March 15.


Latest Images:

* Freshwater Stores Shrink in Tigris-Euphrates Basin

* Kulusuk, Greenland

* Record Snowfall in North Texas

* Catalina Eddy

* Jebel Uweinat

* The Roses of Wasco

* Storms Come in Many Forms

* A Quiet Interlude in Solar Max


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