Faith-Healing Churches Linked to 2 Dozen Child Deaths by Vince Lattanzio


by Vince Lattanzio posted on May 25, 2013

Two Philadelphia faith-healing churches have a long history of the youngest members of their congregation dying because parents refused medical care.

Wcau_000000004260384_722x406_3120851562720130525-19-161vzbe NBC10 learns a local faith-healing couple has a history of child deaths. These two members are in jail right now, accused of letting their baby die without medical care.

Families who attend Faith Tabernacle Congregation in North Philadelphia and First Century Gospel Church in Juniata Park have lost more than two dozen children to illness since 1971, according to non-profit Children’s Healthcare Is a Legal Duty, Inc. (CHILD, Inc.). Both churches believe in the power of prayer over modern medicine.

The Schaibles are one of those families.

Herbert and Catherine Schaible stand charged with third-degree murder and other crimes after their 7-month-old son Brandon died from bacterial pneumonia, dehydration and a group B streptococcus infection on April 18.

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams says the boy’s death could have been prevented, but the couple instead turned to prayer.

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