The Liberty Crier: 3D Printed Shotgun Shells Now A Reality



Where 3D printers are concerned, two things are certain: prices are continuing to plummet, and people are going to continue creating some amazing stuff. Just yesterday, we talked about how a 3D printed splint was created to help save a baby’s life, and I’m certain that won’t be the last time we hear of such a thing. This past December, a 3D printer was used to create an exoskeleton for a little girl, which allowed her to regain use of normal movements, such as picking something up.

Of course, 3D printing can be used for fun and interesting things as well, such as creating an LP, a case for your smartphone, or, as we can now see, a shotgun slug.

The topic of 3D printed guns are nothing new, with Defense Distributed, creators of a blueprint for a 3D handgun,currently facing some serious conflict. With that gun, bullets aren’t taken care of, but with this latest YouTube video from user Taofledermaus, it’s clear that creating those would be no problem, either.

3D Printed Shotgun Shells Now A Reality [continued]



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