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The latest from NASA’s Earth Observatory (28 February 2012)

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012


Latest Images:
* Flying Through a Crack in the Ice
* Dust in Sudan
* Ice Cover on Lake Sakakawea, North Dakota
* Snow and Volcanoes on Kamchatka
* Extending the Ozone Monitoring Record
* The Aral Sea, Before the Streams Ran Dry
* Mackenzie Bay, Antarctica
* Thick Sediment in Madagascar’s Onibe River

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Wednesday, February 29th, 2012
That’s the url to the latest issue of DOE Pulse.

Pulse is a newsletter about accomplishments at the Department of Energy’s national laboratories.

Here is some of what you’ll find in this issue:

* Brookhaven: Future accelerators
* Berkeley: Nanorods to order
* Livermore: Exoplanet models
* Los Alamos: More grapes, less wrath

Feature: Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory’s MINDS system finds a military role

Researcher profile: Idaho National Laboratory’s Doug Toomer


UFNEWS: Earliest horses show past global warming affected body size of mammals

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012


Earliest horses show past global warming affected body size of mammals

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — As scientists continue developing climate
change projection models, paleontologists studying an extreme
short-term global warming event have discovered direct evidence about how mammals respond to rising temperatures.


Album: Moon River – Nicki Parrott; made her mark on the New York scene working with the late guitarist Les Paul.

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012



Japan’s appetite for American jazz is ever increasing and their Venus Records has been releasing new material from mainstream artists that is attractively packaged and superbly recorded. Included in their catalog is Moon River, bassist/vocalist Nicki Parrott’s debut as a leader. . . .



Moon River; Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby?; Say It Isn’t So; You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To; Takin’ A Chance On Love; I Don’t Know Enough About You; Makin’ Whoopee; Cry Me A River; What A Difference A Day Made; Besame Mucho; I Can’t Give You Anything But Love; Nicki’s Blues; The More I See You.


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Jazz on the Tube: Joe Pass & Roy Clark: Guitar Duet

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012


Joe Pass recorded an improvisational version of "I’ll Never Get Out Of
This World Alive" with Roy Clark.

in 1993; as part of an album that they recorded together in 1993, called Roy Clark & Joe Pass Play Hank Williams.


- Lester Perkins
Jazz on the Tube

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Borowitz Report: Santorum’s shocking proposal

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012


February 28, 2012
Santorum Proposes Replacing Church, State with New Entity Called ‘Sturch’

Would Offer Salvation, Motor Vehicle Renewals on Sunday

LANSING (The Borowitz Report) – Telling a crowd of supporters that the separation of church and state “makes me want to throw up,” GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum today proposed replacing church and state with a new entity he called “sturch.”

“Merging church and state into sturch will benefit all Americans,” he said. “Except maybe Jews.”

Mr. Santorum said that the combined entity would offer greater convenience to the American people than the separation of church and state currently does, since Americans would be able to get salvation and motor vehicle renewals at the same place every Sunday.

Turning to another campaign theme, Mr. Santorum told the crowd, “I support the rights of the unborn child until it is born and wants an education."

He contrasted himself with President Obama on the education issue, stating, “Barack Obama speaks in complete sentences. What a snob.”

In other campaign news, singer Kid Rock endorsed Mitt Romney, which means that his music is no longer the worst thing about Kid Rock.

An upbeat Mr. Romney visited the Daytona 500, where he told a reporter, “I love this stuff. I’ve always been a big NASDAQ fan.”


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